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Help Local Circles build the next generation of Detroit leaders!

At Local Circles, teens lead together - through projects that impact our community.

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We believe in teens and their ability to lead.

Local Circles was founded on the belief that if we engage young Detroiters around the social issues that are meaningful to them, they will be motivated to be lifelong learners and activators around the issues that impact their lives.

Our Youth-Led Research Program – and in fact our entire organization – is our response to what Detroit teens tell us they need from a developmental opportunity, specifically: job readiness, engagement in their community, and a way to learn the skills they need to be successful.

Our commitment is to develop a generation of Detroiters whose leadership is based on information, curiosity, and community engagement. Since our founding, we have launched five cohorts of Youth Researchers, each with a different project theme. Topics tend to focus on fostering social and economic justice and have included: responding to incidents of racial stereotyping, interacting with the police, dealing with interpersonal bias, preparing for adulthood, and supporting teens whose mental health has been affected by the pandemic.