Make an impact in the lives of teens right here, in our community. image

Make an impact in the lives of teens right here, in our community.

Contribute to data-driven community action, led by our Youth Researchers

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We believe in teens and their ability to lead.

Local Circles was founded on the belief that if we engage young Detroiters around the social issues that are meaningful to them, they will be motivated to be lifelong learners and activators around the issues that impact their lives. Since our founding, we have launched 12 cohorts of Youth Researchers, engaging a total of 140 youth.

In our Youth-Led Research Program, teens discover what matters to them, do research, and use the data from their research to inform how they are going to take action.

For example, this summer our Youth Researchers asked, “How can teens motivate themselves to reach their goals?” Through their research, they made an interesting observation: the data indicated that younger teens find it harder to feel motivated than older teens. In response, they decided to create ways younger teens could engage in meaningful dialogues with their older counterparts, drawing inspiration and guidance from these interactions. Furthermore, the Youth Researchers recognized the significance of extracurricular activities and jobs in fostering motivation among their peers. To this end, they aspired to provide opportunities for young teens to explore diverse fields, igniting their passion for learning and growth.